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May 2009 Increased JPY 60,000,000 in capital
August 2008 Released Self-restoring Film 「MAGIC FILM」
May 2006 Increased JPY 40,000,000 in capital
April 2001 Released prying guard film 「MAIL BLOCK」
March 2000 Released 「SUN FILTER」 for Handy game device
December 1999 Increased JPY 30,000,000 in capital
May 1999 Published by The Japanese Society of Child Neurology (JSCN) that our TV filter is effective in photo-paroxysmal response
October 1992 TV Shield 「SUN FILTER」 was certified as a recommended product of JAG (Japan Association of chain-store for TV-Games)
December 1987 Established with JPY 10,000,000 in capital